Auto Accident Attorneys – NYC Rear-End Car Crashes

Auto Accident Attorneys – NYC Rear-End Car Crashes

New York City Auto Accident Attorneys

Everybody will need an auto accident attorneys when a car crashes into the back of the car in front of it, a rear-end collision occurs. As the most common type of car accident in New York State, rear-end collisions usually happen when the back car tailgates (i.e. follows too closely) the car in front of it or fails to break in time to avoid hitting the car in front of it.

New York City Auto Accident Attorneys - Creative Commons  David Fulmer

New York City Auto Accident Attorneys – Creative Commons David Fulmer

A rear-end accident often happens because the front-most car suddenly stops, but the car behind it is distracted or not paying attention to the roadway. Occasionally, rear-end accidents happen because the back car experiences mechanical problems like brake failure.

Injuries Caused by Rear-End Accidents

Many rear-end accidents can result in car-accident injuries including:

a. Whiplash

b. Spinal Injuries

c. Neck and Back injuries

d. Fractures or broken bones

e. Ligament tears of the knees and shoulders

f. Concussion

Fault in Rear-End Accidents

Ordinarily, the rear-most car is legally responsible for hitting the car in front of it.  New York State Vehicle & Traffic Law Section 1129(a) requires the driver of the rear car to maintain a safe distance behind the car in front of it. A rear-end accident with a stopped or slowing car creates a presumption of negligence on the driver of the rear car, who then is required to come forward with a non-negligent explanation for the accident.

Examples of non-negligent explanations for rear-end accidents are, if a car recklessly changes lanes in front of another driver and brakes suddenly, the following car will probably not be held responsible for the accident.

Similarly, if a car stopped in traffic is hit from behind by another car and, as a result, hits the car in front of it, they generally will not be held responsible for the accident.

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Our New York City auto-accident attorneys professionally handle cases for drivers injured in rear-end accidents. We have obtained substantial settlements in rear-end accident cases, including a $800,00 settlement for a 51-year-old Bronx driver whose vehicle was struck in the rear by a car service vehicle, causing her neck injuries that required spinal surgery.

We aggressively fight for clients who are needlessly injured in car accidents.

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