The Importance of Pictures in NYC Injury Cases

The Importance of Pictures in NYC Injury Cases

Importance of Pictures in Legal Case

When it comes to your personal injury case, the age-old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” reigns true.  The Importance of Pictures in the courtroom are invaluable and can often be the key to winning your case. Using your words to tell the jury about your accident is sometimes effective, but using pictures to further explain and help them understand your accident is even better.

It is not easy for jurors to gain a clear understanding of a place, thing or event merely from a description. However, with pictures, accident lawyers can assist the jury in truly understanding what happened to you. Pictures can also verify what happened to you. Remember that peoples’ memories fade over time and people can often differ on their recollection of the same events. People also lie, but a photograph usually does not.

Use Your Smartphone at the Scene

Most of us have camera phones at our disposal, so USE THEM; reminding yourself the importance of pictures in the courtroom.  After a serious accident, taking pictures may be the last thing that you are worried about. However, if you or a loved one can take pictures at the scene of the accident, do it! Once pictures are taken, make sure they are saved and stored in a safe place. Print out extra copies of them or e-mail them to someone you trust. You would be surprised how often Smartphones break down and pictures of the accident scene are lost.

Below are some tips for taking pictures in particular cases:

Car Accident Pictures (Importance of Pictures)

The Importance of Pictures in NYC Injury Cases - Car Accident

The Importance of Pictures in NYC Injury Cases – Creative Commons License Aaron Parecki

Only when it is safe to do so, take pictures of the damage to your car as well as the damage to the other car involved in your accident. Get pictures of the license plate and insurance information of the other car just in case it leaves the scene. Take pictures of the positioning of each vehicle, then step back and take pictures showing the whole accident scene. If the other driver blames a problem in the road, a broken traffic light or an obstructed view, take pictures of it to assess the validity of their claim. Cars are often removed from an accident scene rather quickly, and once they are removed, your chance to take pictures may be lost forever.

Pictures could be the difference between winning and losing your car-accident case. For example, in slow speed and soft-impact car accidents, the other driver’s insurance company will argue that you cannot be as seriously injured as you claim. However, if you have pictures showing significant damage to your car as well as the other car, then you can likely disprove their claim and may recover higher compensation for your injuries.

Trip/Slip and Fall Pictures

If you trip or slip and injure yourself, then you can use your Smartphone to show why. Was it a cracked step or an broken sidewalk? Was it something on the supermarket floor? Take as many pictures as necessary to prove that you were there, that the problem existed and that it was dangerous. Also take photographs of the surrounding area to show the conditions you encountered just before your accident.

Cracked steps or broken sidewalks can be fixed before you hire an attorney. Substances on the supermarket floor often can be cleaned up before you even leave the accident scene. The property owner or supermarket people will often deny that the problem ever existed and surely will deny that they knew about it before your accident. Your pictures can help show the problem and prove that it existed for an unreasonably long time before your accident.

Without pictures, it could be your word against theirs. Jurors in today’s day and age expect to see pictures of the problem and will likely hold it against you if you do not have them. These are some reasons why the Importance of pictures in a courtroom are invaluable.

Blake G. Goldfarb Knows the Importance of Pictures

Blake believes that pictures are integral to proving your case. As part of preparing your case, Blake makes sure that he has visual aides like pictures to help the jury understand your accident and injuries. He is a proponent of putting Smartphones to good use and taking as many pictures as necessary to prove your case.

Blake represents accident victims in all five boroughs of New York City.  If you or a loved one has been injured due to someone else’s negligence.

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