New York City Accidents in Commercial or Residential Buildings

New York City Accidents in Commercial or Residential Buildings

New York City Accidents in Commercial or Residential Buildings 

New York City Accidents happen there within many commercial and residential buildings . So, for good reason, the law requires building owners to keep and maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition. Unfortunately, however, far too many New York City buildings owners fail to properly maintain and repair their buildings, which allows unsafe conditions to exist and remain on their property.

New York City Accidents in Commercial or Residential Buildings - Creative Commons Jnzl's Photos

New York City Accidents in Commercial or Residential Buildings – Creative Commons
Jnzl’s Photos

New York City buildings in a state of disrepair subject tenants and  their visitors to unfortunate accidents, including from falls on stairs, to ceiling collapse incidents and elevator accidents.

The Law Applicable to Your Premises-Liability Case

Simply because a person is injured on another person’s property or commercial establishment does not automatically entitle them to money. An injured person must prove that the property owner either caused the unsafe condition or knew/should have known about the unsafe condition on their property.

Also, the injured person must prove that the unsafe condition was a substantial factor in causing his or her injury. Another important factor that arises in these cases is to what degree the injured party is responsible for causing his or her own accident.

This is known as comparative or contributory negligence, which could reduce an injured person’s recovery or prevent one in its entirety.

Quick and Meticulous Case Investigation is Mandatory 

Prompt and thorough investigation of these claims is essential to the success of the case. This includes inspecting the accident scene as soon as possible after the accident to take photographs, review surveillance videos and interview potential witnesses.

Time is usually of the essence because important evidence can be lost or destroyed and witnesses’ memories fade over time.

Most lawyers hire trained investigators to gather information regarding the length of time the unsafe condition existed at the building. Often times they will investigate whether people previously complained to the building owner about the unsafe condition.

Investigators will also check whether anyone else had an accident as a result of the same unsafe condition and whether the City of New York or any of its agencies like the Department of Buildings or Housing Preservation & Development previously issued building code violations to the property owner for the unsafe condition.

Sometimes, it is necessary to hire an expert witness like a professional engineer or architect to properly investigate and prove the case.

Blake G. Goldfarb Successfully Handles Building Accident Cases

Blake has successfully represented hundreds of clients injured in accidents inside commercial or residential buildings.

Blake has recovered millions of dollars for his clients who have suffered serious injuries from unsafe conditions on New York City properties. Many of his cases have been featured in national publications, including Verdict Search, New York Law Journal and New York Magazine’s Top Verdicts & Settlements.

Cases of Note:

  • Trip-and-Fall Unsafe Staircase – $2 million jury verdict in favor of injured Bronx tenant
  • Trip-and-Fall on “For-Sale” Sign – $1.1 million settlement for injured Brooklyn housekeeper
  • Slip-and-Fall on Icy Step – $805,000 jury verdict in favor of injured Brooklyn tenant
  • Trip-and-Fall Unsafe Doorway – $500,000 settlement for injured Brooklyn fire-safety director

Blake G. Goldfarb aggressively and professionally helps his clients pursue substantial compensation for their injuries. He strives to not only meet, but also to far exceed his clients’ expectations.

Call Blake toll-free at 1-844-672-5253 or e-mail him to discuss your case for fre; If you or a loved one has been injured due to the negligence of a New York City residential or commercial building owner.

There is no fee unless Blake recovers money for you!